~ Who am i? ~

- MIND - I'm Blandine

I’m a traveler,

a soul searcher,

a dancer,

a yogi,

a spirituality enthusiast and 

a personal development freak.

I managed to crush all social and familial expectations, explored the world as much as my own self, and finally was able to break free and find my true self. My mission is to help you get there by going out of your comfort zone and becoming a brighter version of yourself.

Even though I was born in France, I consider myself a citizen of the world. My curiosity for places, people and cultures is a never-ending story. I believe that traveling is the school of life and that everybody should hit the road at least once to discover themselves and the world we live in. Traveling taught me to be grateful for what I have and to stop complaining all the time (remember I am French).

- BODY - Yoga Teacher

I started dancing when I was a little girl, it taught me early on to connect deeply with my body, to be grounded, and to express my emotions in a way I did not know.

I discovered yoga while studying in China in 2011. I thought of it as a fitness practice and only years later started to understand what the fuss was all about. Yoga taught me how to feel strong and flexible in my body and mind, how to breathe, how to be patient, how to respect my body and not compare it to others, how to ground or elevate myself… The yoga teacher training taught me everything else I needed to know to help you take a journey with yourself. I now offer private, group or corporate classes.

- SOUL - Energy Healer

I’ve been reading tarot for a while, which led me to understand more and more about intuition and energy. Being aware of what we can’t see connected me to the soul and opened my spirituality. I got in touch with my true self and soul purpose, which led me to certify in energy healing with Reiki and Spiritual Response Therapy to help you do the same.

We can all heal ourselves, feel good in our body, mind and soul if we are willing to put in the work, and I am so grateful to guide you on that path.

You can feel good in you body, 

You can feel strong in your mind,

You can even heal your soul.

You just need a little help…

and that’s ok.

Experience how you can easily feel strong in your body, reconnect to your breath and lower your stress level.

Balance your chakras and boost your energy so you can feel an immediate sense of well-being.

Let’s purify your soul and home for you to reach your full potential and live a harmonious life.

Come to my workshops and retreats, you will love to experience all of these practices at once.

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