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Energy Healer

Open your mind
Shake your body
Elevate your soul

Hi, I'm Blandine

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

" Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

Oscar Wilde

What I do

Experience how you can easily feel strong in your body, reconnect to your breath and lower your stress.

Balance your chakras and boost your energy so you can feel an immediate sense of well-being.

Purify your soul and home for you to reach your full potential and live a harmonious life.

Join my retreats and experience yoga, personal development & energy healing all at once. 

What they say about me

Romain Reiki

Blandine has a unique ability to sense people’s energetic field beyond what our mind can fathom. Her healing power makes marvels by enabling people to reconnect to their true selves and bringing authenticity to the world.

Charlotte Yoga

Since I started yoga with Blandine, I can’t get enough. It reconnected me to my body and true self after giving birth. She knows exactly what to do for me to progress. We practice online, and she always knows what to say to reach the proper alignment. Everybody should try a class!

Krystie Spiritual Response Therapy

I did an SRT Full Clearing with Blandine and my whole life changed. She unlocked my voice on topics I was not able to see. I do feel much lighter now. I totally recommend Blandine as a therapist, she is very caring and will find a way for you to reconnect with yourself.

Raphaelle Yoga Workshop

Great moment with Blandine and Inès ! Not only I felt super relaxed after the workshop but I’m super happy I’ve learned some great tips to use in my personal routines!

Alice Reiki

I did a full Reiki protocol with Blandine (4 sessions) in 2022. She knew how to put me at ease and offer me a time of extreme relaxation. I came out of these sessions aligned and feeling strong. Blandine has a beautiful energy and I warmly recommend her therapies.

Anne Clémence Yoga

After my pregnancy, Blandine helped me with the recovery and crafted some specific classes, adapting to my new abilities and rhythm. On top of it being fun, I could feel my body again! Refreshing!

Tiphanie Spiritual Response Therapy

I did not know what to expect and I was really amazed when Blandine explained to me what she found during the full clearing in my current and past lives. She saw exactly what I had felt in important times of my life and did “her thing” to clear the bad energies my soul was carrying. I now feel so much lighter.

Alice Retreat

Blandine organized the most memorable retreat. The yoga teaching is very high quality. She takes care of every soul with attention and love. She managed to create a bubble filled with lovely people, in a beautiful place and surrounding area, eating delicious vegetarian food. I feel very grateful to have experienced this enchanted break.

Emily Yoga Workshop

Amazing event with Blandine! I came away with practical tips on how to bring more energy, less stress and more empowerment into my life.



The Truth about Feeling Good

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