How it works ?

Since you understand better about energy healing now, you know that places also hold a specific energy. Some even hold a very high frequency energy, just like the oceans, for example. Salt is a natural energy cleanser, so beaches tend to be the places with the highest frequencies. Have you noticed how good and refreshed you feel when you go?

However, if you go home and this feeling leaves you right away, there is a big chance your home is vibrating at a lower frequency. Same thing if you walk into a room where you don’t feel good. Spiritual Response Therapy , allows me to clear places from any negative energies and entities so that you, your family and your friends can feel better there.

I use my pendulum and the SRT 32 charts to check if your place holds any blockages, interferences, entities or energy holes and I make sure everything is gone before I close the session. I work in person if your place is in Lisbon or remotely if not (you will just have to send me pictures, a video or the blueprint of the space you want to be cleared).

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