Reiki is a powerful ancestral Japanese energy healing technique. It is based on the idea that we are all energy beings, and if this energy gets blocked or unbalanced, we can experience pain, discomfort or even disease. During the session, the practitioner finds and help release these blocks to help the patient be more balanced on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This practice is now well recognized all over the world.

Here are a few of its benefits:

  • instant feeling of alignment and well-being
  • elevate awareness
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • balance energy through the chakras
  • boost vital energy
  • boost senses
  • help to sleep better
  • release physical pain

How it works ?

You just lay down in a meditative state with a relaxing music while I perform the treatment. I connect to the universal Reiki energy to be a clear channel for you and proceed with the session. The energy goes through my hands, and it always knows where to flow and whatever needs healing at the moment of the session. At the end, you tell me what you felt, and I explain what I found in your energy field. Reiki is completely safe and can never do any harm. 

I include essential oils, crystals and mantra music to make it a wonderful experience for your senses, you will leave filling recharged and more aligned

I experienced deep healing through Reiki whether for myself or others and recommend everyone to keep an open mind and try it for themselves.

Obviously, you don’t need to understand all about energy healing before you dive into the practice. Just keep an open mind and remember that if you are here reading this, maybe there is a reason, and you are exactly where you need to be right now. If you feel a bit stressed, an energy healing session will for sure help you get relaxed. If you already feel good, well, you will feel even better.

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Please note that energy healing is not meant to take the place of standard western medicine or psychological help, but to accompany as a complementary treatment.