~ The Truth about Feeling Good ~

The other day, a friend was telling me about her recent life struggles when she stopped and looked at me saying:

How do you do it? Every time I see you, you’re always good, on top of your game, always being your happy, radiant, witty self… So tell me, what’s your secret?

Guys, let me tell you I was… SHOCKED!

The way people see you is NEVER the same as you see yourself. I had to be clear that she was SO far from reality… We ALL have inner conflicts, struggles, insecurities, and traumas we are dealing with. NOBODY ever feels good all the time, me included, and that’s the honest truth.

Life is a cycle, it goes up and down, it’s beautiful and ugly, it’s happy and then sad, it makes you feel powerful and sometimes weak, one day you feel you can conquer the world and the next it’s impossible to get out of bed… That’s 100% normal and OK !! 

The more you’ll accept and integrate that nothing is permanent, the better your life will be. Life is NOT about feeling joy and happiness all the time, since the universe will always throw something new at you. The real goal is to find PEACE. 

Now that you know it’s impossible to always feel good, what can you do about it?

1- FEEL EVERYTHING. It’s ok to feel sad, angry or blue sometimes. Let those feelings flow, don’t repress them or they will stay inside you until implosion. On my last break up, I spent close to a month locked at home watching terrible reality tv shows and feeling sad as fuck. This time allowed me to process everything I felt before moving on to be at peace again.

2- KNOW YOUR TOOLS. We all have a magic toolbox we can use to feel better. For me it’s dancing, doing yoga, reiki, tarot, music, meditation… what are yours? Make a list and use them.

3- BE GRATEFUL. I know life can be a bitch, but focus on what you do have compared to other people in the world, your health, your family and friends, a roof over your head… you probably have much more than you actually think.

We all do our best, right? 

Remember, It’s ok not to feel ok.

With love,